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  • ​​​How to align everything in your business to your values, your soul's mission, and your ideal clients' deepest desires.
  • ​How to do target market research that's actually useful.
  • ​​How to create a schedule that gets results and makes your heart happy.
  • ​How to activate your intuition so that you can create impactful programs and services with a high level of confidence.
  • ​A proven system for avoiding distraction and staying focused but with the flexibility you crave as a creative. 
The Flow Method eBook has the missing pieces you need to 
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I'm Carrie LaDue

I help awakened entrepreneurs create a steady stream of clients so they can do what matters most to them - help others. The methods in this free eBook are the exact ones myself and my clients use to create thriving, soul-centered businesses with minimal effort.

You have what it takes to be successful!
And, you can have success without all the struggle and stress. 

Once you put the 4 Flow Method pillars into practice, attracting clients consistently and changing their lives will happen with ease.
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See What Others Are Saying

"My session with Carrie caused such a huge shift that we generated $120,000 because of it. In just 30 minutes, she helped me get realigned, find my mission and heal so I could step into the role I needed to. We also generated $21,000 for charity at our live event because of my session with her. It was transformational and powerful.  - Brandon Lucero, Sold with Video

"Carrie's flow method helped me immensely...I've taken 2-3 other marketing programs and spent quite a bit of money and come away with not even a fraction of what I've learned with Carrie. If you have an opportunity to work with her, don't miss it. Take it." - Colette Rockhill, Whole Heart Healing

"Carrie's flow method has been life-changing! Before the program I had a dream, but no direction to make it happen. In 3 short months I left my job, became an energy healer, opened my practice and already have clients. Her program helped me figure out who I most want to serve, how to market my business, and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. I would absolutely recommend her program!" - Tonya Colburn, Tonya Colburn Healing
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