Confusion to Clarity

A Simple Business Planning Kit for Coaches 

You’ve finally started a business that lights you up every day! It’s aligned with your purpose and you’re helping people. And even though you’re a great coach that doesn’t mean that you know how to get more clients and build your business. 

You’ve downloaded the freebies, you’ve watched the webinars and you've read the books. Now, you’re just overloaded with conflicting information and you still don’t have a concrete action plan to move your business forward.

You’re easily distracted, chasing the next strategy or tactic you come across but none of it helps you to prioritize your time each and every day. You end your days wondering what you’ve really accomplished, hoping that tomorrow will be different. 

What if there was another way forward?


Having a step-by-step roadmap that spelled out exactly what you should be doing each and every day to build a thriving business. You know exactly what to prioritize, what to spend your time doing, and what to spend your time not doing! You end your days feeling proud because you know that what you accomplished each day is actually making a difference for your business. 

You have just a couple of things you are focusing on and you're confident that each of them is setting you up for success. Your confidence skyrockets, as you start yielding results from your business building efforts. 
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • There is so much to do that you don’t know where to start
  • ​You often feel lost and lack focus
  • ​You feel like you’re going around and around in circles, but not progressing
  • ​You think setting goals is intimidating and hard to do 
This business planning kit will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of your business, what to prioritize, and the exact next step to take so that you can focus your time and energy on tasks that get results.

As a result of this FREE business planning kit, you’ll...

  • Feel focused and in control of your time each and every day
  • Learn how to set goals and break them down into easy, manageable day-to-day tasks
  • Have a clear 90-day roadmap to take your business to the next level
  • ​Have a repeatable formula for creating a business strategy that works 
  • Feel confident in your ability to achieve your goals, whatever they may be

Part I

In part I, you'll complete an self-assessment that will help you to determine the strengths and opportunities for growth in your business right now. This will create clarity about which aspects of your business to prioritize right now!

Part II

In part II, you'll follow along with a step-by-step training video that will help you to set goals for your business based on your self-assessment. Then, you will learn how to break that goal down into manageable action steps so that you create real momentum and new clients!
Once you complete your first 90 day business action plan, you'll be a different business owner!

You will...
  • Have the clarity you need to move forward with confidence
  • ​Know exactly how to prioritize what to spend your time on 
  • ​Know how to set goals and create a clear, easy to follow action plan to stay on track 
  • ​Create massive momentum and a steady stream of clients because you're focused 
  • ​Never feel confused again about what to do to move your business forward

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